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Gender Research - Diversity through Equality in European Cultural Labour Markets - ERICarts

ERICarts European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research

Empirical Research on Gender Issues in the Arts, Heritage and Media...

...and its results are the main focus of this website, offered by the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts), located in Bonn/Germany. In addition, we plan to highlight research results and concepts of other institutions, for example the European Institute for Gender Equality/Vilnius (with its new Gender Equality Index for the EU), ZtG/Berlin or ATRIA/Amsterdam. See also an overview of activities in the context of the EU Strategy of Equality between women and Men 2010-2015.

Our interest in empirical gender research in the "creative sector" comes not by surprise: In fact, it dates back over 15 years (or even 25 years, since one of the partners of the ERICarts Institute, the Zentrum für Kulturforschung, published its first study already in 1987 - see here the summary of the latest update, published 2001 in German). Research activities of the ERICarts Institute include:

  • Preparing one of the key themes of the UNESCO Intergovernmental Conference on Cultural Policies for Development (Stockholm 1998) and evaluating the results of a session held at this event, the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts) helped to set the frame for future political action and explored the context for further empirical research on "Women, Equality and Cultural Policies". Five key policy principles of particular importance for the sector were identified: "EQUALITY - DIVERSITY - RECOGNITION - TRANSPARENCY - PRODUCTIVITY";
  • Thanks to project funding by the European Commission, the ERICarts Institute and Zentrum für Kulturforschung (ZfKf), together with partners in 14 countries, were able to develop a first empirical overview in the study: "Pyramid or Pillars - Unveiling the Status of Women in Arts and Media Professions in Europe" (published in English, French and German);
  • Equally supported by the EU, two in-depth national studies - "Culture-Gates" (see www.culturegates.info) and "Culture-Biz" (which we currently feature at this website) - were carried out with partners in Austria (Mediacult), Finland (Finn-EKVIT), Germany (Zentrum für Kulturforschung-ZfKf) and Portugal (Observatorio das Actividades Culturais -OAC). The results were examined and compared by the ERICarts Institute;
  • Since the turn of the millenium, gender issues in the arts, media and heritage have also become a focal point in the jointly developed and continuously updated information and monitoring system of the Council of Europe and the ERICarts Institute: "Compendium of Cultural Policies & Trends in Europe" (www.culturalpolicies.net) - with comparative information from 43 countries.

Please contact the ERICarts Secretariat (wiesand [at] ericarts.org)  if you are interested to participate in future comparative projects as partners or sponsors.



An ERICarts Report to the European Commission
in partnership with: FinnEKVIT (Helsinki), MEDIACULT (Vienna), OAC (Lisbon), ZFKf (Bonn)

ARCult Media Bonn 2005

Download Executive Summary:

English / French / Finnish / German / Portuguese


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