ERICarts European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research

Transnational Partnership

The Culture-Biz project was undertaken by the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts) in partnership with FinnEKVIT (Helsinki), MEDIACULT (Vienna), the Observatorio das Actividades Culturais (Lisbon) and the Zentrum für Kulturforschung (Bonn).

Members of the Culture-Biz team are: 

  • Danielle Cliche and Andreas Wiesand with support from Oliver Göbel and Anke Mebold (ERICarts);
  • Ilkka Heiskanen and Ritva Mitchell with support from Susan Heiskanen, Mirja Tervo and Jenni Toivoniemi (FinnEKVIT);
  • Robert Harauer, Maria Malle and Carina Sulzer (MEDIACULT);
  • Rui Telmo Gomes, Vanda Loureço, Teresa Duarte Martinho and Maria de Lourdes Lima dos Santos (Observatorio das Actividades Culturais);
  • Elke Baur and Annette Brinkmann with support from Yasmin Alnaib and Ute Dohrmann (Zentrum für Kulturforschung).

Several people contributed to the physical emergence of the Culture-Biz Book publication: Ingo Brünglinghaus and Oliver Göbel (layout), Fiona Gallagher (language editing), Margrit Müller (translation and editing), Leena Neuvonen (cover design), Jörg Torkler/Medianale Group (web design).

The image on the cover of the Culture-Biz book has been generously provided by the Portuguese film director Margarita Gil and producer Antónia Seabra and is a still taken from their film “O Anjo da Guarda” (1999).